Aplication of growth hormone genes familly (GH, GHR, GHRH and Pit-1) for detecting genetic variation of buffaloes in Pandeglang and Lebak districts in Banten Province

Cece Sumantri, R Diyono, A Farajallah, A Anggraeni, E Andreas


Selection using genetic markers are commonly performed to improve livestock productivity in the livestock industry. The objectives of this study were to identify growth hormone genes family (GH|MspI, GH|AluI, GHR|AluI, GHRH|HaeIII and Pit-1|HinfI) polymorphisms of Banten buffalo population consisted of Pandeglang and Lebak subpopulations. A total number of 209 blood samples were collected from 15 districts. Genomic DNAs were extracted by a standard phenol-chloroform protocol and amplified by a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques, then PCR products of GH, GHR, GHRH and Pit-1 Genes were digested with MspI, AluI, HaeIII and HinfI enzyme restriction. Fragments of GH|MspI, GH|AluI, GHR|AluI, GHRH|HaeIII and Pit-1|HinfI were detected by EtBr method. The results showed that GH|MspI and GHRH|HaeIII loci were polymorphic, GH|AluI, GHR|AluI and Pit-1|HinfI, loci were monomorphic. GH allele (-) at locus GH|MspI was only found in Cisata (0.03) and Menes (0.11). Allele B at locus GHRH|HaeIII only found in Cibadak (0.42), Cisata (0.30) and Menes (0.11). In the total population of Banten locus GH|MspI have low diversity (He = 0.02) and polymorphic information content (Pic = 0.02), whereas GHRH|HaeIII locus has a higher diversity (He = 0.23) and Pic (0.22).

Key Words: Polymorphism, Growth Hormone Genes, Buffalo

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