The performance of male duck fed different levels of crude palm oil

I.A.K Bintang, Budi Tangendjaja


An experiment was conducted to evaluate the optimum level of inclusion of crude palm oil (CPO) in ducks diet . The treatments consisted of 5 different levels ofCPO (0, 5, 10, 15 and 20%) with 5 replicates and 10 day-old ducks/replicate. The ducklings were allocated in litter system covered with rice hull . At 0-3 weeks old, ducklings were fed with starter commercial diet . The experiment diet was given to starter (3 - 5 weeks old) and to grower (5-8 weeks old) ducks containing crude protein 19 .5 and 17%, respectively and metabolizable energy 2,900 kcal/kg. Measurements done were on body weight, feed consumption, carcass weight, internal organ and abdominal fats . There were no significant difference among treatments on body weight gain, feed consumption, feed conversion, carcass or internal organ weight . There was an increase on abdominal fat with an increase level ofCPO in the diet. Male duck had the ability to accept up 20% CPO in the diet without any negative effect.


Key words: Performance, male duck, crude palm oil

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