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2016 A Comparison of RFID and Visual Ear Tag Retention in Dairy Cattle in Malaysia Abstract   PDF
A B Salina, L Hassan, A A Saharee, M A Stevenson, K Ghazali
2016 A Preliminary Study on Some Reproductive Traits and Heterosis Effects of Anglo Nubian and Etawah Grade Crossbred Does Abstract   PDF
Lisa Praharani, Supriyati ., Rantan Krisnan
2016 Antibiotics Resistance of Vibrio spp. Isolated from Diseased Seabass and Tilapia in Cage Culture Abstract   PDF
Ruhil Hayati Hamdan, T L Peng, B L Ong, M Y S Suhana, N H Hamid, M N F Afifah, M S Raina
2016 Application of Dried Blood Sample on Whatman Filter Paper for Detection of Trypanosoma evansi from Cattle in Central Kalimantan by Internal Trascriber Spacer-1 Polymerase Chain Reaction Abstract   PDF
Dyah Haryuningtyas Sawitri, April H Wardhana, Dias A Dewi, Fitrine Ekawasti, E Widjaja
2016 Augmented Feeding with By-passed Amino Acid and Slow-released Non-protein Nitrogen Supplement on Milk Peak, Lactation Persistency, and Post-partum Reproduction of Brazilian Buffaloes Abstract   PDF
Daniel L Aquino, M V Del Rosario, K F Vergara, L C Cruz
2016 Awareness of the Antibiotics Growth Promotors (AGP) and Its Application in Chicken Feed Abstract   PDF
Sumanto D
2016 Biogas Productivity, Financial Analysis, Livestock Mix Pasture Influenced by Biogas Input and Slurry Abstract   PDF
Nurzainah Ginting, A F Syahbana, D M Fadillah, Simon P Ginting
2016 Colibacillosis and Antibiotics Resistance Patterns in Broiler Abstract   PDF
Siti Chotiah, Rini Damayanti
2016 Comparison of Heavy Metal Residues on Sheep That Grazing in Landfill Area Before and After Elimination Process Abstract   PDF
Puji Rahayu, Iif Syarifah Munawaroh, K Elok
2016 Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria and Heavy Metal on Liquid Organic Fertilizer from Dairy Cattle Waste Abstract   PDF
Eulis Tanti Marlina, T BA Kurnani, Y A Hidayati, D Z Badruzzaman, A Firman
2016 Determination of Weaning Time of Dombos Lamb Based on Suckling and Eating Behavior and Body Weight Gain Abstract   PDF
Randika N Andrian, T A Nugroho, S Dartosukarno, A Purnomoadi
2016 Economic Value of Dairy Cattle Business in the Lowlands Outside Java Abstract   PDF
Tati Herawati, Dwi Priyanto, Nurhayati D Purwantari
2016 Effect Inoculant of Trichoderma viride and Saccharomyces cerevisiae Mixed Culture on Chemical Composition, Fiber, Digestibility, and Theobromine Cocoa Pod Fermentation Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Askari Zakariah
2016 Effect of Administering Zeolite on The Physical Performances of Pellet Product Contained Chickens Hatchery Wastes Abstract   PDF
Bambang Sulistiyanto, S C Utama, S Sumarsih
2016 Effect of Cutting Interval on Yield, Nutrient Composition and Digestibility Several Species of Mulberry Abstract   PDF
Rijanto Hutasoit, Simon P Ginting, Andi Tarigan
2016 Effect of Different Lysine and Energy Levels in Diets on Carcass Percentage of Three Strains of Broiler Duck Abstract   PDF
Maijon Purba, Arnold P Sinurat, Triana Susanti
2016 Effect of Superblock Supplementation to Native Grass Based Diet on Rumen Fermentation In Vitro Abstract   PDF
Teguh Wahyono, S NW Handani, Firsoni .
2016 Effect of Supplementation of Different Concentrate Rations on Weight Gain, Milk Yield, and Composition of Cross Bred Buffalo Cows Abstract   PDF
Manoja Kanakkahewage, O Jasinghe, S Sujani, T Seresinhe
2016 Effects of Dietary Oil Supplementation with Different Fatty Acid Profiles on Rumen Fibre Degrading Bacteria Population in Goats Abstract   PDF
Nur Atikah Ibrahim, A R Alimon, H Yaakub, N Abdullah, A A Samsudin
2016 Evaluation of Good Dairy Farming Practice Method on Dairy Farming in Subang District, West Java, Indonesia Abstract   PDF
Achmad Firman, S Marina, Hermawan ., S Paturachman, H Linda, Anita .
2016 Evaluation of Using Hibiscus sabdariffa Calyces in the Production of Rotenesse Smoked Beef (Se’i) Abstract   PDF
Gemini EM Malelak, G M Sipahelut, I GN Jelantik
2016 Feasibility the Using of Coffee Waste for Bali Cattle Fattening in Bangli Abstract   PDF
Ida Ayu Parwati, N Suyasa
2016 Feed Formulation Based on Local Feed Resources and Its Effects on Nutritional-Related Blood Profile in Breeder Goats Abstract   PDF
A A A Ghani, M S Shahudin, M Zamri-Saad, A B Zuki, H Wahid, A Kasim, M S Salisi, A Hafandi, H Hamzah, N H A Daud, H A Hassim
2016 Feeding Maize Straw Silage and Concentrate to Bali Cattle Cow in South Sulawesi Abstract   PDF
Matheus Sariubang, A Nurhayu, A Ella
2016 Fermentative Gas Production of Different Feeds Collected During Wet and Dry Seasons when Incubated with Rumen Fluid from Timor Deer (Cervus timorensis) Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Sadik Arifuddin, R Utomo, H Hartadi, Darmy .
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