Serological Test for Surra Cases in Lombok Island

Fitrine Ekawasti, April H Wardhana, D H Sawitri, Dias A Dewi, R A Akbari


Surra or trypanosomosis caused by Trypanosoma evansi (T. evansi) is one of the most important livestock disease globally causing significant economic losses. Lombok Island possess high population of livestock but is endemic for surra. Diagnosis of surra by parasitological methods are considered easy, rapid and economic. However, the parasitological methods are insensitive to detect trypanosomes in all infested animals, particularly in case of low parasitaemia and chronic form of the disease. A chronic infestation of surra is often associated with severe production losses, but being subclinical the condition is often unrecognised. Accordingly, a rapid, sensitive and simple serological test such as the card agglutination Trypanosomiasis test / T. evansi (CATT/T. evansi) is required, especially in Lombok Island. The objective of this study was to determine serological prevalence of T. evansi based on CATT/T. evansi analysis. Samples were collected from cattle in three different districts in Lombok Island, i.e. West lombok, East Lombok and Central Lombok. Testing of samples with CATT/T. evansi was carried out following the instructions of the manufacturer. Of 114 cattle sera, 21.6% in West Lombok, 53.8% in East Lombok and 53.8% in Central Lombok were positive. This study indicated that the serological prevalence of Surra in Lombok was considered high, and a further confirmation by molecular methods is required.


Surra; Prevalence; Serological Test; CATT; Lombok


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DOI: 10.14334/Proc.Intsem.LPVT-2016-p.183-190


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