Awareness of the Antibiotics Growth Promotors (AGP) and Its Application in Chicken Feed

Sumanto D


A study was carried on the public opinion against the banning of the use of AGP farms (antibiotics growth promotor) in feed, indicated in the Directorate General of Livestock Act of Animal Husbandry No 18 -2009 Article 22 verse 4C. Surveys with "purposive sampling" to the farming communities was implemented in June to November 2015. The results showed that the use of feed additive AGP in the feed industry is still not much known by respondents that were supposed to be harmful to human health. So, we need to do a socialization about the danger of AGP to all community. Most opinion of the Government and stakeholder agreed to prohibit the use of AGP in feed. It is recommended that the implementation of AGP banning is not done all in a sudden. Replacement materials of AGP in the form of herbal, probiotics and enzymes have been used by farmers, but it is still limited however they realized it is useful to increase health and the productivity of the animal.


Antibiotics Growth Promotor; Opinions; Antibiotics; Feed Additives; Livestock


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DOI: 10.14334/Proc.Intsem.LPVT-2016-p.462-468


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