Preliminary Study: Characterisation of Antibody for rLipl32 Protein of Leptospira

Sumarningsih ., Simson Tarigan


Leptospirosis infection is commonly determined by positive response antibody in microaglutination test (MAT). The test requires panels of Leptospira from complete serovars and uses infectious Leptospira, which is subcultured weekly. Accordingly, other alternative serological tests are developed for MAT. One of them is ELISA using recombinant LipL32 protein (rLipL32). High sensitivity and specificity of ELISA rLipL32 for Leptospirosis detection in bovine and canine has been reported previously. In this study, we produced antibody to rLipL32 protein with high titre. Results on western blotting and ELISA showed anti-LipL32 antibody was highly binding to rLipL32 protein. In contrast, MAT results for LipL32 antibody was found to be negative response, indicating that titre antibody to LipL32 does not positively correlate to MAT.


Leptospira; Antibody Response; LipL32; MAT


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DOI: 10.14334/Proc.Intsem.LPVT-2016-p.147-152


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