The Effect of Dietary Supplementation of Onion and Garlic Husk Powder on Protein, Cholesterol and Fat of Duck Meat

Pratiwi Eka Putri, I Mangisah, N Suthama


Onion and garlic husks contain antioxidant compounds such as allinin, allisin and flavonoid. The compounds are able to decrease fat and cholesterol levels in the body. This study was carried out to determine the effect of feeding onion husk powder (OHP) and garlic husk powder (GHP) on protein, cholesterol and fat content of Mojosari duck meat. The experiment was arranged in a completely randomized design (CRD) and used 168 birds of 4 weeks old male Mojosari ducks. The ducks were divided into 7 treatments and 4 replications (6 ducks each). The treatments were conducted for 4 weeks were as follows: T0 (control diet), T1 (control diet + 3% OHP), T2 (control diet + 6% OHP), T3 (control diet + 3% GHP), T4 (control diet + 6% GHP) and T5 (control diet + 1.5% OHP + 1.5% GHP) and T6 (control diet + 3% OHP + 3% GHP). The results showed that dietary OHP and GHP significantly increased protein and decreased cholesterol contents of duck meat, but no effect on meat fat. It could be concluded that the effect of feeding of OHP and GHP separately or in combination was able to increase protein and decrease cholesterol contents, but could not decrease fat content of Mojosari duck meat.


Onion and Garlic Husks; Meat Protein; Cholesterol and Fat; Mojosari Duck


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DOI: 10.14334/Proc.Intsem.LPVT-2016-p.422-427


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