Phenotypic Characterization of Jawa Brebes (Jabres) Cattle

Y Adinata, Aryogi ., Dicky Pamungkas, M Luthfi, A Rasyid, N H Krishna


The aim of this study was to identify the relationship among body measurements in Jabres cattle. A total of 193 cows were used. The parameters recorded were: body length (BL), withers height (WH), rump height (RH), rump length (RL), rump width (RW), heart girth (HG), shoulder width (SW), chest depth (CD), face length (FL), and face width (FW). The results showed that the mean body weight was 260,868 kg while the body measurements were 109.732; 115.572; 119.158; 31.674; 11.589; 147.169; 31.341; 55.892; 40.915; and 17.242 cm for BL, WH, RH, RL, RW, HG, SW, CD, FL, and FW respectively. The coefficients of correlation obtained were: r = 0.269 (BW - BL), r = 0.451 (BW - WH), r = 0.464 (BW - RH), r = 0.123 (BW - RL), r = 0.309 (BW - RW), r = 0.502 (BW - HG), r = 0.519 (BW - SW), r = 0.443 (BW - CD), r = 0.269 (BW - FL), and  r = 0.396 (BW - FW) respectively. The components were extracted explaining 51.544% of the total variation. The body measurements could be used as selection criteria for improving body weight of Jabres cattle.


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DOI: 10.14334/Proc.Intsem.LPVT-2016-p.24-29


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