Proceedings of International Seminar on Livestock Production and Veterinary Technology


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Proceedings of International Seminar on Livestock Production and Veterinary Technology
Indonesia, Bali, Denpasar, August 10th-12th, 2016

International Seminar on Livestock Production and Veterinary Technology is an activity that very in-line with the mandate of Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), particularly for Indonesian Center for Animal Research and Development (ICARD) in coordinating research activities in animal health and production. The Seminar provided an excellent opportunity to share the expertise and experiences, also to identify challenges and explore innovative solutions for the benefit of all conference participants. The main theme of International Seminar is “Promoting Livestock and Veterinary Technology for Sustainable Rural Livestock Development”. The aims of Seminar are: (1) Provide a forum for scientific meetings as a media for exchange of information and dissemination of animal husbandry and veterinary technology innovation.; (2) Gather information on the latest results of research of animal husbandry from different research institutions and universities to improve the productivity of the livestock business and farm product competitiveness.; and (3) Collect the science and technology information needs in the development of livestock business as input in the planning of future research.
The participants of the Seminar come from expert, researcher, observer on animal husbandry and veterinary and also practitioners. There were five invited speakers in plenary session, the first speaker, Director General of IAARD; Dr. Alan P Dargantes with the title “Improvement of Veterinary Technologies to Strengthen Viability of Livestock Sector in Rural Area”; Prof. Dr. Tjeppy D Soedjana with the title “Competitiveness of Indonesian Selected Livestock Production among ASEAN Countries”; Dr. Harry Clark with the title “Estimation of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Emission and Technologies to Reduce GHG in the Environment of Rural Areas”; and Dr. Luis Iniguez with the title “Community Based and Participatory Breeding Approaches for Smallholder Systems”.
There were also 93 of participants attending and present their paper in this seminar. The overseas participants came from New Zealand (New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre), Bolivia, Malaysia (MARDI, University Putra Malaysia, and University Malaysia Kelantan), Sri Lanka (Department of Animal Production and Health, Mapalana Kamburupitiya, University of Ruhuna), Thailand (Chulalongkorn University and Prince of Songkla University), Philippines (University of Philippines Los Banos, Philippines Carabao Centre, Central Luzon State University, Central Mindanao University) and South Korea (Seoul National University). The Indonesian participants came from universities in Indonesia, research institutes under the Ministry of Agriculture and also from Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher education.
All the papers published in the Proceeding have been revised as suggested by reviewers before the seminar was undertaken. Some papers that meet Journal requirement published in the Indonesian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences (IJAVS) - ICARD scientific journal online.