Jurnal Ilmu Ternak dan Veteriner

Issue Title
Vol 2, No 2 (1996) The performance of male duck fed different levels of crude palm oil Abstract PDF
I.A.K Bintang, Budi Tangendjaja
Vol 14, No 2 (2009): JUNE 2009 The performance of Nagrak and Kampung chicken kept intensively in Cibadak Sukabumi, West Java Abstract PDF
Achmad Gozali Nataamijaya
Vol 4, No 4 (1999): DECEMBER 1999 The phenotypic detection of surface antigen of B lymphocytes, MHC I and MHC II by immunohistochemical techniques in the lymph nodes of Bali cattle infected with malignant catarrhal fever Abstract PDF
Rini Damayanti
Vol 16, No 4 (2011): DECEMBER 2011 The potential of sugar cane juice as the liquid supplement and phytase enzyme carrier for poultry by in vitro Abstract PDF
Ermin Widjaja, T. Toharmat, D.A. Santoso, Sumiati ., M. Ridla, S. Iskandar
Vol 6, No 2 (2001): JUNE 2001 The potential, variety, and nutrient content of natural vegetation as feedstuffs grown under cashewnut plantation Abstract PDF
E Sutedi, I-W Mathius, NIP Suratmini, S. Oloan ButarButar, T Manurung, S Yuhaeni, Tanda S. Panjaitan, A Muzaini
Vol 3, No 3 (1998) The preparation of Dermatophilus congolensis antigen and its testing by means of immunodiffusion test and electrophoresis Abstract PDF
Djaenudin Gholib, Subiyanto .
Vol 5, No 1 (2000): MARCH 2000 The prevalence of Japanese-B-Encephalitis in different species in Indonesi Abstract PDF
Sendow I, S Bahri, A Sarosa
Vol 2, No 3 (1997) The production performance of Holstein Friesian dairy cattle in West Java Abstract PDF
P Mahyudin, S.B Siregar, N Hidayati, T Sugiarti
Vol 24, No 4 (2019): December 2019 The productivity of 4th Generation KUB-2 Chicken Abstract PDF
Tike Sartika, Sofjan Iskandar
Vol 6, No 1 (2001): MARCH 2001 The productivity of various pure breed and cross breed of imported pigs during lactation period Abstract PDF
Djamuara Aritonang, Marsudin Silalahi
Vol 17, No 1 (2012): MARCH 2012 The qualitative variation of Katingan cattle Abstract PDF
Bambang Ngaji Utomo, R.R. Noor, C Sumantri, I Supriatna, E.D Gunardi, B Tiesnamurti
Vol 14, No 1 (2009): MARCH 2009 The quality of Garut ram liquid semen in Tris egg yolk extender to the sucrose supplementation Abstract PDF
Yulnawati ., Herdis .
Vol 13, No 1 (2008): MARCH 2008 The quality of spotted buffalo epididymal sperm with addition of raffinose as external cryoprotectant Abstract PDF
Yulnawati ., Herdis ., H Maheshwari, M Rizal
Vol 4, No 1 (1999): MARCH 1999 The recovery rate of embryos using eight different protocols of synchronization and superovulation in sheep Abstract PDF
WieWie Caroline, P.M Summers
Vol 24, No 1 (2019): MARCH 2019 The relationship of pod colour with the quality of Indigofera zollingeriana Abstract PDF
Rijanto Hutasoit, . Riyadi, Juniar Sirait
Vol 11, No 4 (2006): DECEMBER 2006 The relative superiority of milk production of Garut sheep and its crossbred Abstract PDF
I Inounu, S Sukmawati, R.R Noor
Vol 20, No 2 (2015): JUNE 2015 The reliability of DIVA test based on M2e peptide exceed those based on HA2 or NS1 peptides Abstract PDF
Simson Tarigan, . . Sumarningsih, J. Ignjatovic
Vol 6, No 3 (2001): SEPTEMBER 2001 The residue of trenbolone from male Garut sheep which implanted by trenbolone acetate Abstract PDF
R Widiastuti, Indraningsih ., T.B Murdiarti, R Firmansyah
Vol 3, No 2 (1998) The resistance of Salmonella spp. isolates from Alabio duck against several antibiotics Abstract PDF
Istiana .
Vol 7, No 3 (2002): SEPTEMBER 2002 The responses of eosinophil and packed cell volume (PCV) on sheep infected with Fasciola gigantica Abstract PDF
S Widjajanti, S Endah Estuningsih, Subandriyo Partoutomo, H.W Raadsma, T.W Spithill, D Piedrafita
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