Jurnal Ilmu Ternak dan Veteriner

Issue Title
Vol 6, No 3 (2001): SEPTEMBER 2001 In vitro embryo production through modification of time and gonadotropin hormone during oocytes maturation Abstract PDF
Endang Triwulaninngsih, M.R Toelihere, J.J Rutledge, T.L Yusuf, B Purwantara, K Diwyanto
Vol 16, No 3 (2011): SEPTEMBER 2011 In vitro expression of native H5 and N1 genes of avian influenza virus by using Green Fluorescent Protein as reporter Abstract PDF
Risza Hartawan, K. Robinson, T. Mahony, J. Meer
Vol 4, No 3 (1999): SEPTEMBER 1999 In vitro killing assays of antisera antibody sheep post-infected with Fasciola gigantica with the presence of macrophages cells against homologous and heterologous liver flukes Abstract PDF
S.E Estuningsih, S Widjajanti, S Partoutomo, T.W Spithill
Vol 21, No 1 (2016): MARCH 2016 In Vitro protein digestibility and fermentability of mulberry (Morus alba)-Leucaena foliage mixed feed Abstract PDF
Dwi Yulistiani, Z. A. Jelan, J. B. Liang
Vol 21, No 2 (2016): JUNE 2016 In vitro rumen fermentation characteristics and microbes of thin tail sheep given sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L) biomass Abstract PDF
Asep Sudarman, M. Hayashida, M. Miralestari
Vol 14, No 3 (2009): SEPTEMBER 2009 In vitro slow-release urea characteristics under different molasses levels contained in rice straw based diets Abstract PDF
D. Kardaya, K.G. Wiryawan, A. Parakkasi, H.M. Winugroho
Vol 15, No 2 (2010): JUNE 2010 In vitro slow-release urea contained in rice straw-based diets to increase efficiency of rumen microbial protein synthesis Abstract PDF
Dede Kardaya, K.G Wiryawan, A Parakkasi, H.M Winugroho
Vol 7, No 2 (2002): JUNE 2002 In vitro studies: The role of immunological cells in Indonesian thin tail sheep in the killing of the liver fluke, Fasciola Abstract PDF
S.E Estuningsih, S Wiidjajanti, S Partoutomo, Spithill ., H Raadsma, D Piedrafita
Vol 9, No 3 (2004): SEPTEMBER 2004 In vitro study of effectiveness of saponin from Sapindus rarak fruit as methanogenesis inhibitor on ruminal digestion system Abstract PDF
Amlius Thalib
Vol 15, No 4 (2010): DECEMBER 2010 In vitro study of larvacidal effect of Chrysomya bezziana between atsiri oil (Piper betle leaf) from Sri Lanka and Bogor Abstract PDF
April H Wardhana, S Muharsini, S Santosa, L.S.R Arambewela, S.P.W Kumarasinghe
Vol 14, No 3 (2009): SEPTEMBER 2009 Inactivation of Bacillus anthracis by Gamma irradiation Abstract PDF
N. Natalia, A. Priadi, Z. Irawati
Vol 2, No 1 (1996) Inactive vaccine derived from velogenic strain of local Newcastle disease virus . Abstract PDF
Darminto ., P Ronohardjo
Vol 1, No 2 (1995) In-contact vaccination against Newcastle disease in village chickens : a comparative analysis between laboratory and field trials Abstract PDF
Darminto .
Vol 6, No 2 (2001): JUNE 2001 Increasing milk production ability of lactating cows through improvement of feeding managemen Abstract PDF
Sori B Siregar
Vol 10, No 3 (2005): SEPTEMBER 2005 Indonesian avian influenza viruses character in second wave epidemic Abstract PDF
N.L.P.I. Dharmayanti, R Indriani, R Damayanti, A Wiyono, R.M.A. Adjid
Vol 11, No 1 (2006) Infection of Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale (ORT) in chickens in Indonesia Abstract PDF
Adin Priadi, Lily Natalia
Vol 7, No 1 (2002): MARCH 2002 Infection of Parainfluenza type 3 (PI-3) as one of the causative agent of pneumonia in sheep and goats Abstract PDF
Indrawati Sendow, Tatty Syafriati, Ening Wiedosari, Paul Selleck
Vol 9, No 1 (2004): MARCH 2004 Influence of Bacillus apiarius supplementation on the performance of layer chicken Abstract PDF
Putu Kompiang, Supriyati ., O Sjofjan
Vol 5, No 4 (2000): DECEMBER 2000 Influence of Bacillus spp culture supplementation through feed or drinking water on the performance of layer chiken Abstract PDF
I.P Kompiang
Vol 17, No 2 (2012): JUNE 2012 Influence of concentrate-rice straw ammoniated ratio and fattening period on body weight and meat physical quality of Pesisir cattle Abstract PDF
Khasrad ., Rusdimansyah .
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