Jurnal Ilmu Ternak dan Veteriner

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Tangendjaja, B.
Tangendjaja, Budi
Tangendjaja, Budi, Indonesian Research Institute for Animal Production, P.O. Box 221 Bogor 16002 Indonesia
Tangendjaja, Budi
Tangenjaya, B
Tanuwiria, U.H
Tappa, Baharuddin
Tarigan, A
Tarigan, A.
Tarigan, Andi
Tarigan, Andi, Goats Research Station - Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development - Ministry of Agriculture (Indonesia)
Tarigan, Andi
Tarigan, Andi, IGRS
Tarigan, Simson, ICRVS
Tarigan, Simson
Tarigan, Simson, BBLitvet (Indonesia)
Tarigan, Simson, (Pathology) (Scopus ID: 57190072279 H-index: 4) (Scholar Google H-index: 10) Indonesian Research Center for Veterinary Sciences (IRCVS)
Tarigan, Simson, IRCVS
Tarigan, Simson, Balai Besar Penelitian Veteriner
Tarigan, Simson

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