Study of Genetic Polymorphism of SCD1 Gene on Friesian Holstein Cows in Indonesia

Ari Sulistyo Wulandari


Stearoyl-Coenzyme A desaturase 1 (SCD1) belongs to the fatty acid family of desaturases. In lactating ruminants, the SCD1 protein is highly expressed in the mammary gland and is relevant for the fatty acid composition of milk and dairy products. SCD1 gene Polimorphism in Friesian Holstein (FH) cows in can be used as a basis of molecular cattles selection in order to increase productivity. The aim of this study was investigated the polymorphism of SCD1 gene in Friesian Holstein dairy cows in Indonesia. A total of 162 blood samples were collected from dairy breed Friesian Holstein in 4 different locations i.e. Kunak-Bogor, Tegalwaru-Bogor, Sukabumi and Enrekang-Sulawesi Selatan. The objective of this work is to study the polymorphism of the gene encoding SCD1 by PCR-RFLP technique. PCR-RFLP revealed the presence of the restriction site for the enzyme NCoI which encodes gene SCD1. The gene variation identification of SCD1 gene resulted in the finding of two allelic types i.e.A allel and V allel. Also, the identification acquired three types of gene i.e. AA, AV dan VV. In the observed population obtained frequency of A allel which was (0.62) that of V allel (0.38). Whereas, the highest frequency of genotypic was AV genotype AV (0.56) compared to AA (0.33) and VV (0.01). The study result shows that SCD1 gene is polymorphic in four population of Friesian Holstein cows in Indonesia.


FH dairy cows, SCD1, polymorphisms


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