Meat Quality on Sentul Cocks with different Immunoglobulin Yolk Concentrations

Ria Ariyanti


Sentul cocks is one of the native chicken breeds in Indonesia which is originally raised by Villagers in Ciamis District, West Java. Cocks with high immunity are expected to have a better metabolism that impacts on production and reproductive performance. An indicator of immunity is IgY (Immunoglobulin Yolk). IgY is a substance of protein molecules in serum that can neutralize a number of microorganisms that cause infection. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of IgY concentrations on performance of physicochemical quality of meat (pH value, free of H2O, tenderness, cooking loss, aw, malonaldehyde content) and sensory quality (hedonic and hedonic quality). The study used completely randomized design. Data were analyzed by t-test. The results showed that the concentration of IgY treatments did not affect physicochemical quality (except malonaldehyde content) and sensory quality. The result concluded that cocks with high IgY concentration produced meat with lower malonaldehyde compared to cocks with low IgY concentration.




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