Evaluation of LipL32 ELISA for detection of bovine leptospirosis in West Java

Sumarningsih ., Susanti ., Simson Tarigan


The current diagnosis of leptospirosis, micro Agglutination Test (MAT) and isolation, is expensive, impractical and technically demanding. This study was aimed at developing an ELISA based on recombinant LipL32 as a practical, inexpensive test for Leptospirosis. The DNA encoding LipL32 was isolated from Leptospira pomona, inserted into pRSET-C plasmid then expressed in E.coli BL21 as a poly-histidine-tagged protein. The amount of LipL32 protein, which was purified from the supernatant of lysed cells by a Ni-NTA column, was 1mg/l culture. This purified LipL32 was used as the coating antigen at 5µg/ml. The accuracy of ELISA was evaluated based on ROC analysis, by comparing the ELISA and MAT results of 517 bovine sera. Result in this study showed that the area under curve (AUC) was 0.853, which categorised the LipL32 ELISA as a “moderately accurate” test and indicates that the ELISA was able to differentiate positive and negative Leptospirosis serum. The result also showed ELISA LipL32 could detect serum positive MAT to Hardjo, Grippotyphosa, Tarrasovi, Rachmati and Bataviae. The optimal cut off for OD ELISA determined based on ROC curve was 0.504, and it showed sensitivity and specificity of ELISA LipL32 relative to MAT were 86.0% and 69.5%, respectively. Overall, the result in this study showed that ELISA LipL32 can be used as a rapid test for identification of anti-Leptospira antibodies in bovine.


ELISA; LipL32; Leptospirosis; Bovine

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