Fermented and unfermented palm kernel cake as broiler chicken

P.P Ketaren, A.P Sinurat, D Zainuddin, T Purwadaria, I.P Kompiang


feed. Two hundred and ten, day-old broiler chicks were used for this study. They were allotted to 6 different diets containing either BIS or FBIS at 3 different levels (5, 10 and 15%) and one control diet. The results showed that 5% BIS and 5% FBIS could be used in broiler diet without adversely affecting feed intake, weight gain and feed conversion ratio. FCR of those diets were significantly (P<0.05) better than the control diet. Carcass yields were not significantly affected by feeding of BIS nor FBIS. The FBIS diet produced less abdominal fat than the BIS diet.


Key words : Palm kernel cake, fermentation, broilers

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