Availability of phosphorus in defluorinated rock phosphate and bone meal for broiler chickens as assessed by a slope ratio assay

P.P Ketaren, M Silalahi, T Panggabean, D Aritondang


An experiment was conducted to determine the availability of P in defluorinated rock phosphate (DRP) and bone meal (TT) using a slope ratio assay (SRA) technique . Ten different diets were fed to 300 day-old broiler chicks for three weeks. Basal diet (RB) was formulated to contain 0.38% total P. DRP, TT and dicalcium phosphate (DCP) diets were each containing three different levels of total P: 0.45, 0.52 and 0.59%: At the end of the experiment, tibia bones were collected for ash determination. The availability of P was determined by SRA using tibia bone ash as the main parameter. The result indicated that the availability ofP in the DRP and TT were 83 .6 and 91 .3%, respectively .


Key words : Phosphorus availability, slope ratio assay, broiler

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